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Our Process

We're here to help!

Our process of developmental editing  will give you the skills and confidence to bring your writing to publication.

How Scholars Write Works With You

Our developmental approach is designed to meet your needs. We can work with you throughout the various stages of preparing a publication:

  • Choosing a topic

  • Determining which journals would publish your article,

  • Accumulating your ideas into a readable form,

  • Sharing it with trusted readers for impact and clarity,

  • Preparing a final version to submit

  • Working with the publisher if rewrites are required.

So by now your interest is piqued, and the first thing that may pop into mind is what does this developmental process writing involve, from soup to nuts.


First of all, you are not alone!


Each person is individually interviewed by a member of our team of consultants to go over the process and so we can mutually agree on some working terms. You may need very little support, you may need more. You will be given choices so that you can develop a full manuscript for publication. This also can involve tightening up a rejected manuscript and/or finding the right fit in a publication for your topic. It may be as simple as proof reading a manuscript for syntax, grammar, spelling errors. Imagine being outfitted for an item of clothing, it involves many or few steps.


You will eventually have to wear it in public, so we work with you to produce the best manuscript for your topic and field.  You control the product’s development; we are here only to help you shape it. We serve as a coach, a mentor, a partner but not the creator. That’s you all the way. Let’s next introduce ourselves and our specific services for you to mull over. Costs are included in this document to help you decide what you are willing and able to afford. While we are a not for profit organization, we do charge for services. By the way you may work with more than one person, as each skill set requires a different expertise.

BUT let’s move on.

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