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About Scholars Write

Professional scholars often face obstacles to writing and publishing. Some obstacles call for developmental editing:

  • You wrote the perfect dissertation. But what’s next? How do you follow up with a publication?

  • You are new to academia and can’t get the phrase "publish or perish" out of your head. How do you move toward developing manuscripts?

  • You have several ideas for a paper but can’t decide which to select first. How do you focus on one?

  • You need to create coherence within your manuscript. How?


Some obstacles call for content editing:

  • You are writing in English as your second language and experiencing difficulty with the genre of academic English-language scholarship.

  • You have written and submitted a paper for publication but it has been soundly rejected.


Some writers need help with copy editing, fact checking that include final proofreading and final submission details.
Scholars Write offers assistance to writers experiencing these and related challenges.

In addition to our scholarly review and editing services, Scholars Write also provides services in:

  • Grant Writing

  • Book Reviews

  • Resume/Cover Letter/Letter of Recommendation

Abstract Architect

Who We Are

Frances Rust
  • Frances Rust LinkedIn

Frances Rust has been writing, editing, and publishing throughout her career. She holds a doctorate from Teachers College, Columbia University. She is a professor emerita at NYU and currently teaches as an adjunct professor at UPenn. She has served on numerous editorial boards of academic journals and continues to publish in the education field. Because of her work in the publishing arena, she has established contacts that can offer both advice and recommendations regarding your manuscript’s potential for publication.

Amanda Branscombe.png
Amanda Branscombe
  • Amanda Branscombe LinkedIn

Amanda Branscombe has engaged in developmental editing, writing, and publishing for over 20 years. Her work with authors appears as chapters in early childhood education publications, social studies education publications, and full length books. She has served on editorial boards and reviewed for several journals and publishers. In addition, she has received awards for her research and teaching. Amanda holds graduate degrees in early childhood education, community counseling and English. Her focus with developmental editing is designed to help authors find an authentic voice for their manuscript.

Who We Are

What We Do


"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves"

Henry David Thoreau

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